[REQ] KTS Gothic Death


KTS Gothic range: Death: A sweet mix of blackberry, banana, pear and more.

A truly amazing smooth flavour. To me it tastes like sweet Pear (like the old Pear Drop Sweets), very very slight hint of banana, some kind of tropical taste, possibly pineapple and/or a hint of apple candy. I don’t get the blackberry.


I made a couple of attempts to clone it, but I seem to be barking up the wrong tree.

If anyone knows this juice and can spot any flavours please let me know.

I’m fairly new to DIY so could do with some help.

You can check my attempts to see where I’m at:


Thanks a mill!

Congrats on your first post. It’s great the info is on the other side of elr. Sadly, my thumbs aren’t able to navigate over. Especially when I elr on my work break.

Generally if you want quick responses it is best to…

Link to the juice
Copy and paste the flavor profile from the vendor.
Then paste your recipie here with thoughts on where you went wrong.

From there you will get some good responses.

Thanks pal,

Post updated!

Did I read it right 8% pear FA? If so it’s Too high. FA flavors in a blended mix like those 1-3/4%.

Pear FA is not really going to give you the best pear either. Sadly. An accent yes. But not a full pear.

Yes you read correct.

I originally used 6% Pear Drops, but I could not get the same smell of the flavour as I did in the taste, so I increased it. I agree this is very high and maybe that it’s not the actual Pear flavour I’m looking for.

I’ll try again mixing just Pear Drops FA with Pear TPA to see if I can get the right Pear flavour.

Thanks for the help!

I don’t know if this is what you are looking for, but there is actually a concentrate for sale. I tried it and it’s very good.

Regards, Michel.

Was looking for recipe but will give a try, thanks man!

You’re welcome :wink: