[REQ] L!x Mint Condition

Hey All!

I havent seen anyone try and clone this; I’ve tried many times to no avail. Personally i love this flavour and contrary to the description, it can’t just be “mint and menthol”. I’ve tried various mixes of:

Doublemint Gum
Creme de la menthe

(Not all together of course) but I cant even get close. Anyone tried this and could help me identify what flavours are most likely in this?


after a little more experimenting the closest I can get (but still not quite there) is:

FW Stick Gum (2x Mint)
TFA Sweetener

I am starting to think there isnt any menthol in this as advertised; or if so very very little. less than 0.5%

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Of note; I have stumbled on a recipe I like (its not Mint Condition though) that anyone with these on hand can feel free to try:

Flavor West Doublemint 12%
TFA Sweetener 6.4%
TFA Peppermint 3%
TFA Koolada 3%
Flavor West Menthol 0.6%

Still wish i could nail Mint Condition tho.