[REQ] Legends - Anger Management

Green Apple Sour Peach.
Blanket yourself in an utterly divine combination of tart green apples and sour peach fusion.
You’ll die and go to heaven, enjoying every last drop.

Hi Guys and Dolls,

A friend at work who I persuaded to convert to vaping has asked for a clone or similar looking recipe for Legends Anger Management.
Looking for suggestions for flavours to order and percentages.

Thanks peeps.

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NOw this is off the top of my head but I’d go with something like this

TPA tart granny smith apple 6
FLA Peah Rings 2
TPA Peach 5
TPA sour 1.5
CAP supersweet 0.5

I don’t know of a sour peach flavoring anywhere So the 1.5 of TPA sour should bring the tartness up quite a bit. The Sweet in this case will make the fruit pop sinice you are going for predominately sour or tart taste. I’ve never tasted it but the description brings to mind sour but a hint of sweet to it

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Thanks for the suggestion as it gives me a starting point I only knew sour would be in there somewhere lol.

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Without having tasted it it’s really a crap shoot but just kinda imagining what it might be like. If you are made of money you can go to (I think) northwest flavors and have them engineer a sour peach but I’m guessing you might have to mortgage your house to do it. lmao

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