[REQ] Lifesavers Musk

Newbie here, been browsing, watching & learning and think I’m ready to start trying my own mixes.
Being an Aussie I want to try something that’s actually pretty unique to us here, something although the brand is originally an American product, this flavour was given birth here and is loved by pretty much any genuine Aussie and that is the humble musk flavoured Lifesaver.
This will be a foreign thing to many of you however if you haven’t tried one, get down to a store that sells Australian goodies and see if you can get your hands on a pack.

So, for all my local peeps, does anyone have or has anyone tried to blend a juice and got close to the real deal or does anyone know of a recipe already done?

Cheers all


I have changed the title of your thead and added a link for your review. Hope you find what you are looking for, sorry i couldnt be any more help to you.



While I don’t know of a recipe… I can mention that TFA has a “Musk Candy”.


Their notes on it specifically reference Lifesavers. :wink:


I’m an Aussie and I use U4EA concentrates, aussie made. Check em out at Thevapeplace.com.au brissy based.


They definitely don’t appreciate mobile devices (as the only way I’m seeing things is from a desktop point of view).

Appreciate the link though!

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As a basic guide I would use 5% musk, 1-1.5% sherbert, .5-1% sweetener (ethyl maltol/sucralose blend), .25-.1% menthol (5% mix in pg). With a bit of adjustment it should be close.

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Cheers! Just placed an order for the flavours, left a note on the order details :+1:

Mixed this up last night using the recipe above and its pretty damn good straight out of the mixer, pretty much a rtv!
Used all U4EA flavours in it
Will do some tuning on it, might up the musk a little but its smooth, fluffy and just a slight sweetness, doesnt really need anything added to it at all.

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