[REQ] Liqua - Mints

I would love to know how to recreate Liqua Mints. It was discontinued aa couple of years ago and I am down to my last few bottles.

Various flavour descriptions:

  • Mints Flavor (Tastes like Spearmint)
  • Calm Mint/Menthol
  • Genuine Liqua with Mints Italian Flavours
  • Mint is regularly contrasted with Menthol for all the right reason, it is bit milder offering a new taste with a somewhat sweeter and natural tone that leaves a cool and consistent breeze in your mouth.
  • E-Juice Mint gentler than Menthol and offers crisp and strong taste with marginally sweetish and natural tones that leave a charming breeze.

Please and thank you : )


Since I have never tried this liquid I can only suggest some flavors.

Try a mix with spearmint flv (1-3 drops per 15ml), any menthol brand from one of the major flavoring houses, then build from there.

A touch of marshmallow fa from 0.25-0.75% will go along way.

A touch of vanilla will also add a nice background note…Madagascar vanilla fa or vanilla bean flv.

Then if you want to fill it up a bit with mouth deal add some 27fish cap silver line.

If you want more of a hard candy mint disk you could also try hypnotic myst fa. But that would more of a last resort.

The when you are ready to start playing for real try to add some white chocolate flv, fresh cream fa and so on.


Welcome to ELR. :wink:

There are relatively no Liquia clones on the recipe site. However, you might find some info on a few of these threads:


I do remember Liqua Tobacco liquids from my old days of vaping synthetics… they were good :grin:

I see they still carry a liquid called Two Mints:

Have you tried that one? :thinking:


Hi Kinnikinnick,

Thanks for your response.

Yes I have tried the Liqua Two Mints but it’s quite a different flavour to the one I’m after.

The two mints is menthol, peppermint and spearmint. Which I know, is actually 3 mints but whatever…lol!


Hey Chrispdx,

Thanks for your response.

I have tried FA White Winter with menthol but it isn’t exactly right. I will try adding marshmallow as you have recommended. Thanks again.


I really like Flavorah’s peppermint and spearmint… might give them a try :slight_smile:


Yeah… sometimes nothing will do but the liquid you love to love!

I’ve looked at your stash… seems like you have a good start to creating a mint liquid. Perhaps you’ll find some good info in some of those threads that will help you out.

Mint or Menthol flavors have never suited my vapebuds, so, I can’t be much help. :confused: Good luck on your quest. :grinning:

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