[REQ] Liqua traditional tobacco recipe

am searching a lot of times to find the recipe of e liquid liqua traditional tobacco or turkish tobacco but i didnt get the perfect one , so please help me to find the right way to make this liquid from my flavor stuff of TFA

Hi @hythoom!

Don’t know if the thread below will assist you in anyway?

I’m no good at tobacco but there are plenty of people on here who are! If you haven’t already, make sure your flavour stash has been made public so that people can see what concentrates you’ve currently got. It might be that you need to buy some others to get to your desired taste, and a lot of this is trial and error so keep trying :slight_smile:

I’ve added REQ to your thread title and popped this into the Clones section so that people know you are looking for a clone of a particular liquid - hope that’s okay with you :smile:


If you have Turkish tobacco by TPA/TFA then you’re out of luck. It is not a very good Turkish. Hangsen Turkish blend and Turkish SC (SuperConcentrate) are getting the best reviews. I don’t know which part of the world you’re from but if you’re in the US you could buy it at ECX.

If you have time to kill a NET might be a good idea. IMHO a good NET takes 6 months to procur. A good source for leaves is to Google one leaf. They have a good selection. You do not have to buy by the pound. Also go to a pipe tobacco local store to see what they may have. They may have some Virginia Flue cured leaves. Basically cut those up into a container. Put in some reputable PG or VG. Let soak for six months. The flavors to me are spot on. The Cherry pipe I did a while back made someone cry, because the reminisced about their father who used to smoke a pipe. I did not mean to do that, but I know I am on to something.

Pipe tobaccos are also a good source to make into flavors as mentioned above.

How did your new N.E.T 's come out ?

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Perfection, what did you expect?

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LOL … Right on way cool :+1:

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A long steep really brought out the earthiness in the tobacco. Really a superb vape from a pipe perspective. I used to smoke a pipe and nailed every bit of it. I will say it does gunk up coils and cotton fast though. It will leave a little pipe after taste in the tank if not cleaned properly.


I filter mine down to 1.5 microns and I can get 3 good tanks before I have to clean the coil and rewick

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I can last about a week with five good fills on the Griffin 25. Then burn and wick again. The Muji cotton I just got is a flavor chasers dream come true. I love it.

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Did you get a squonk mod yet ?

No. Just wanted to change my pallet up a bit in the flavor department. Too many ideas for flavors now. I think I got about 14 new thoughts on recipes. Damn my creative hide.

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Desert ship by Flavourart has good reviews as a Turkish tobacco, I have it and have made 4 different liquids up using it but they are steeping for a month so not yet tried it but the smell is very strong and nice so only small % needed
This is how it is described:

FlavourArt Concentrates

The Desert Ship is laden with the rich and smooth notes of Turkish tobacco, leaving a lingering aftertaste that languishes on the palate. As with all flavours, it is important to use clean equipment to fully appreciate the distinct and individual flavour that is enhanced with a pleasant, full background.

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Except for INW Dark for Pipe, I have not found a good synthetic tobacco. Just being honest. Most leave a floral note that will not be quelled by steeping. Honestly not looking for a flower tobacco vape, LOL.

Me too not found a good tasting one and found the Desert Ship through a post on here relating to it being good. on this post

But like I say not vaped it yet so cannot comment on its taste as such

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Love it, tried other tobaccos and was very off put by the taste of many due to what skullblade789 has accurately described as, “floral”.

Got me off cigarettes whilst still achieving satisfaction (whether physically, gustatorially, or neurologically).

Thanks. Yeah it is horrible when you get the fugly flower taste in the tobacco. Blech…

lolly thank u , i appreciate ur effort <3 ,

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from egypt , recently i bought tfa turkish , i cant taste , it has a strong taste , am trying now to make my tobacco recipe with max VG ,

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