[REQ] Liquideo American Mix

Hi,I am from Turkey.
My english not so good. sorry for that. i just can smoke this liquide but nobody do not sell in my country. I was chated with company but they was said ‘’ we can not send to your country. Because your country do not lett me… ‘’ we are not europian country and our laws do not lett for electronic cigarette and liquide.
I was lookied so many pages for this liquide’s recipe but i can not found. Company too do not say nothing about recipe. pls sombody help me. How can i find this liquide’s recipe?



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Wow, I wish I could help. The only thing I can think of is find someone willing to have it sent to them and then they send it to you.

good luck


thx bro. i hope somebody can help me.

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You need to describe the flavor in detail before anyone can make suggestions.


like winston box cigarette. when smoke, nobody can not believe to eyes

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@violin Here’s an easy mix with some reviews


Here’s a other one that was posted a while back, I’m just copy and pasting it here :wink:

Source & other ideas not only based on winston:


thx to everybody for try help me :slight_smile: i wanna red winston and if i try this recipes, i will write to here about recipes :slight_smile: