[REQ] Loaded cran-apple

Hi everyone
I have been looking for a copy of the cran-apple and looks like there aren’t any or they’re not finished. Not sure. There are a lot of the donut copys.

Does anyone have a copy that is spot on,as my wife and I really like this and candy type off vapes.

Thank you
New to diy

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Yes these are the 2 I had a look at and in both comments it seems like it is not finished yet.
Thank you

Watch for your Secret ingredients (hard to detect but “adds that certain something”?) …like Vanillin 1%
Another Apple? Purilum Country Apple 1%
Was there any “cream” to it? See Boosted Intercooler

@Cornelius2 or just try this…

Someone said the “Loaded” version had a “cooling” effect on the exhale …add a couple drops of Koolada to your 30ml

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Ok @Cornelius2 I just made a 30ml of that “Ocean Spray” and as a SnV it’s pretty good …I mean for two flavors and some sweetener. Will likely make a 120ml of this just to have on hand and likely switch out the Supersweet for 0.50% Stevia (NowFoods Glycerite = Organic Stevia in VG). Could use a little more sweet for my preference.

That “cooling effect” I give credit to the high% of Cranberry (TPA) which looked ill-advised, but I followed the recipe. Interesting that the Cranberry crushes that also high% of Fuji (4% is about max for me), but at the same time is a perfect flavor pairing IMHO. Might come back and comment again as I pound away at this 30ml …Fuji is a tastebud killer for me, but so far this is working in terms of %-balance/flavor on my first 1ml.

My instinct is to cut these %s and see if they’re so high they are muting, but have to say (as is) “…Not bad” I make alot of Cranberry Vapes …here’s one not to miss!

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Hey @Cornelius2 thanks for this thread! I’m on ml number 3, and this Ocean Spray is straight tasty, and more importantly ripe for adaptations. If (when!) I make a bigger batch i may break it down into some 30mls for testing …add some Vanilla to one, add some Lemon Sicily to one …this Ocean Spray is a great base, and some flavor % recommendations I might not otherwise attempt. …plus I have a big bottle of Cranberry (TPA) …which is not tasty as a single flavor, but great in a proper recipe. That almost minty thing happening is compelling and fully unexpected. This is a rare and true SnV

Thanks @BoDarc,will have a look. How do i save that recipe you added? I love sweet things and candy etc love the kooling that hits the back off my through.(koolada) i think everyone says.:no_mouth:
Need to wait for months end…blew the diy money away with the first batch lol🤐

Yeah I wouldn’t add Koolada but you could try a drop at a time to a 30ml test. Try it without …you’ll see what I mean. Heh it’s clearing my sinuses too :wink:

Oh to answer your question… Open the recipe, the click the little Blue Wrench (upper right corner) and choose “Adapt this” from the drop down menu

@Cornelius2 thanks again for this thread :heart:

I just published my Cranberry Limoncello Cocktail recipe. This was my first original desire to create DIY over two years ago. Cranberry (TPA) alone is not tasty, but with the Fuji Apple it’s perfect …add a little Lemon Sicily (FA) (the flavor of Lemon zest!) and ~Voila!

Too easy! Thanks for the brain poke and THANKS to @DarkJester89 for the trail of breadcrumbs that lead me to “Ocean Spray” by @B.A.S.E. 1824

Check it out!

glad to be of assistance.

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