(REQ) Lucky 13- Cafe Racer

Official Description
Creamy Vanilla / Toasted Almond / Caramel / Smooth Tobacco Our award winning take on the classic RY4 style featuring Creamy Vanilla, Toasted Almond and Caramel topped off with just the right amount of smooth Tobacco finish. Pairs great with your favorite IPA or other craft beer. Winner of Best in Show at Vape Summit IV for Tobacco Flavor.


Been seeing this request for years, doesn’t seem that hard of a clone but I’ve never had it.
RY4 Style- RY4 Double (TFA) 8%? (8% is my favorite at using it)
Creamy Vanilla- DIYFS Holy Vanilla 1.5%
Toasted Almond- Toasted Almond (CAP) 1%
Caramel- Caramel (Original) (TPA) 1.5%
Smooth Tobacco- Most reviewers reported no direct tobacco, and I think they added it because RY4 simply says tobacco, I’d omit another tobacco flavor for it, because of this placebo effect.

Manufacturer product review dates state that the earliest customer review was 04/2015, so we gotta look at products on the market on that time-frame, probably like Vanilla Custard/Vanilla Swirl in place of Holy Vanilla, if it wasn’t on the market.

Manfacturer Percentage: 70vg/30pg

Lucky 13


I have never had this either, but ty I am going to try it! I like these flavors so off I go

I’m probably gonna have to order some ry4 since it’s all anyone’s been talking about for the last few weeks.


Ry4 Double is probably one of my favorite flavors to use. I bought it for a recipe called Nectar: A Neckbeard Clone and its really good.

Not so much tobacco at all as they say.


Just sayin… if you’re gonna order one, get hangsen’s.


Added to the ever growing list… :grin:

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Hangsen? I never tried that, lot of the new companies I haven’t tried yet :confused:

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(psstt… Try it)

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(psst …ok) dunno how you did that witty bolded letter but that’s cool

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Can’t source Hangsen in Europe… or… at least I haven’t been able to find it…

It does not have all the flavors, but there are some here!

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