[REQ] Lucky 13

Hi there.

Is it possible let for somebody to clone the Lucky 13 juices please.

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Creamy Vanilla / Toasted Almond / Caramel / Smooth Tobacco

Our award-winning take on the classic RY4 style featuring Creamy Vanilla, Toasted Almond and Caramel topped off with just the right amount of our smooth naturally extracted Virginia Tobacco.

Link to clone attempt:


Damn, that looks tasty and I have all the flavours. I’m gonna make me some of that.
Never had the original so I’m not hampered by expectations :sunglasses:

Nice one @DarkJester89 :+1:



Right when I was about to post up, and see someone beat me to the punch line.

@TheTinMan, thanks for looking out!

@Josephine_van_Rijn,@Soulreaver87 hope you enjoy! :slight_smile:


Thank you. But I was sort of after these ones. I’ve got the flavours but no idea what % of each.

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Their entire juice line…


If you can. It’s the main one I buy but if I can make my own it would work out cheaper for me.

It looks like there are no clones of any of those juices on the recipe side so the job of cloning them is yours :grin:
There is a Slam Berry clone but there’s no menthol in it so not very accurate.
You know what they’re supposed to taste like so you can have a shot at trying to replicate them.GL.

Gotta be careful with the spellings and request, but you could try google " _______ vape recipe" and see if that works out, on the ___, put juice name, or orange/mango/grape vape recipe.

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Blue Riddler-
Blueberries + Custard= you could ELR search that and easily find one of your liking

Hairy Fairy-
https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/17646 this plus Pazzo Joker -FA for a cannoli + Glazed Doughnut Cap/wOw FA/ or Zepolli, you could probably find some kind of hybrid mix in that, for that ATF, i’m sure you could sub in banana cream tfa too.

Kong Blood-
http://tjek.nu/r/h0f9 (i’m betting its a strawberry+champagne mix, or RF Soda base)

http://tjek.nu/r/np7h minus the raspberry + http://tjek.nu/r/8WXD


Add Cooling Agent 2-4%
Add Forest Mix 3%


Add 2% cooling agent
Add .5% sweetner of choice

Slam berry
This one I’d have to ask what it would taste like…to many “purple” fruits to really feel confident enough to give you a valid attempt at what it is. This is one of those generic labels that’s confusing and… i’d say its a mix of either grape or raspberry, or…maybe dragonfruit.

Hope this satisfies, but this is a rough draft to put air in your tires and 3 dollars in the tank, hope it helps.