[REQ] Lusso - Xanic Blanc

The description always just said “Melon Ice Pop”. It was a honeydew, and It was my favorite flavor for a few years before they closed down. (Found a full description “Our luscious Honeydew Melon Milk flavor with a splash of milk and a hint of menthol to mimic ice pop! that will make you think your eating Melona Ice pops!”)

I am not a DIY expert and am just getting into it for obvious reasons: but would love some help from anyone who may remember what it was or can figure it out.


Welcome aboard!

Nice job on the formatting of the request, as well as including the flavor’s profile!! You’re off to a great start here, and I’ll bet you’re going to do well (since it seems apparent that you like to read)!! Very pleased to meet you.


So nice to have you. I don’t like this flavor so I can tell you a good place to start. Flavorah Wild Melon with some FA Milk. Irony is when you dislike a flavor profile and can help someone who wants it :grin:


I’d go with

and a cooling agent. and some cool menthol

I use all flavorah flavors… so pick out what you think tastes best for you…
You might want to use many different vendors… who knows?

Keep your mouth happy!

btw… wild melon is an African horned melon and unless you jack it all up… you will not get a honeydew out of it. Used low it will give your juice a wetness… very nice versatile flavor almost like a cucumber, without the crunch.

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@Freeze1 welcome you are in the right place for help

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Hello and welcome! I can only recommend Honeydew Melon by Nature’s Flavors (NF). It’s the only one I’ve used, and it is really good. Natural, ripe and not too sweet. You can find it, and lots of other brands of flavors at www.diyvaporsupply.com.

I didn’t find any exact matches on the recipe side of ELR for this juice, so nobody has posted a clone attempt, at least not using the real name.

You will probably do much better to go for the flavor profile from the description and your memory of the flavor, if you don’t have any left.

Try out a few different Honeydew flavors from recommendations here, look for a light Cream or Milk flavor, find a cooling agent or two(WS23, Ice by Flavorah, Koolada), a Menthol, if the flavor has that menthy vibe, and start toying around with percentages.

Stay low starting out. The calculator will fill in the mean usage % if you have entered the flavor name correctly, maybe go a touch lower than that. You can go up if needed later.

I recommend the Honeydew (NF) at 1% in your mix, if you get that one to try.

Good luck on the hunt!