[REQ] Mama J's "Game Over Custard"

Hey guys, got a request for you skilled mixologists out there :slight_smile:

Been vaping 2+ years now, and I started out as a custard-junkie lol. After working my way through prob 16oz of Capella and TPA Vanilla Custard (combined. and just DIYing for myself, lol), I burned myself out on them for a while (in other words, I ran out of VC flavoring and had no money for more hahaha).

I am not a ‘pro’ mixologist by any means, but I’ve been DIYing for a year / year and a half ish now. About a year back, I heard of Mama J’s flavor shop in the context of their “Game Over Custard” being the best custard out there, so I bought like 15mL of the concentrate to play around with. idk if it is ‘the best’, but it was definitely pretty effin tasty and I want to learn to make it (or something close at least!).

Its been a long time since I had it, and apparently Mama Js no longer stocks small bottles, so buying a sample to try to clone from isn’t an option. But I do remember that it tasted like a REAL custard… that is, it had the creamy/eggy/sweet goodness of custard made from scratch in the kitchen. There are some easy recipes for custard online, I suggest you make one for yourself if you don’t know what “real” custard tastes like.

Anyways, if anyone has tried cloning this before, or has any idea where to start, I’d appreciate the help :smile: Considering buying some of the concentrate to try my hand at it again, but 16oz is the lowest size available, and that is an obscene amount of money; that gives a whole new meaning to ‘game over custard’ lol.

Also! HIC had a premixed flavor that Mama J’s was selling for a while, Strawberry Whopper… Would LOVE the recipe to this one as well, or something close, because that stuff was f%#king amazing! :smile:

Thanks again, and happy vaping!

Hic does sell his recipies for three dollars. I don’t think the custard one is for sale. But the strawberry one would be. Also I think it’s posted on VU connected to strawberry malt.


If it’s HIC, I can almost guarantee it’s 100% FA flavors so I’d look into those.

If I can recall correctly some of hics recipies at the start of the purvapes thread did use some cap and tfa and I suspect some cap v1 in there. Maybe a blend with the FA custard.

I did a deep we. Search for it a few months back but everything referring to custard was deleted from the move from ecf to Vu.

The strawberry whopper recipe is not for sale, he does have a strawberry milk recipe for sale though. I read somewhere else that it would likely be very similar, but with some malted milk added for more malty goodness!

The Game Over Custard recipe is most definitely not sold anywhere, believe me, I’ve searched! They charge a decent amount for the premixed concentrate at Mama J’s, to sell the recipe would be shooting theirselves in the foot :wink:

He does use FA most often, but I have made up a bunch of his recipes that use miscellaneous accent flavors from TFA/Capella. I think I’ve even seen some Flavor West and Inawera in some of his stuff!