[REQ] Mango Burst by Burst

Hi everyone. Does anybody have an idea how to clone “Mango Burst” by burst? This is - in my opinion - the very best Mango liquid :slight_smile:

Every input or help is very apprecciated :slight_smile:

Thank you and enjoy our sunday



Hi Marco and welcome to ELR.
Sorry for changing your title, but that’s the correct format to request a clone.
I’ll also include the link to the original vendor’s page, alwaysa good idea to try to help people that you ask help from :wink:

Is there anything you’ve tried already? Do you have mango concentrates that you know taste like or don’t tasted like this juice at all?

If this is a juice that you know, try and describe it the best way possible. Is it a juicy ripe mango, do you get any rind, how sweet is it, do you notice any hints of other flavors or enhancers in Mango Burst? Is it a strong in-your-face flavor or just giving you that hint of mango? Is there any menthol or cooling agent in it? …
I can almost guarantee you that there aren’t many people here who know this juice but people here do know their concentrates. The more information you can give, the better your clone request will turn out.

So that counts for you too :wink:


Hey Suomynona, thank you for your quick response. And thank you for your support. SInce I am a total newbie, I’m thankful for every kind of advice :slight_smile:

Well, I have tried it with some Capella “Sweet Mango” flavour and it goes in this direction, however, it still is not the same…

It is really difficult to describe this liquid. It is actually sweet - but not overly. It’s not creamy, more smooth and fruity. I’d say there is maybe a little peach in it as well. And even though it feels fresh, I am sure there is no cooling agent in it. Further I’d say, theres 30/70 PG/VG in it.

I just thought, maybe somebody knows that liquid already :wink:


I’d play a little bit with the flavors you have and see if you come close…
Like the guy in this video for example:

He uses sweet mango CAP + costa rica mango FA, then adds a little kiwi for freshness. You could use some peach instead if that’s what you get but start with very low %.
Since you say it’s a smooth juice, watch out with peach though. If you follow the threads on ELR, you’ll have seen that a few peaches have a rather hard throat hit so take your pick wisely and don’t overdo it.

Make sure you’ll let your juices steep long enough (at least 2 weeks) before making direct comparisons. Harshness, freshness etc will all change during a steep.