[REQ] marraquexe divine clouds?

I started a short time with the vaping, the problem is that I only like the liquid Marrakech of the divine clouds and this one is very expensive.
I wonder if anyone can replicate the liquid?
thank you.

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The fruit wrapped in magnificent tea finished with a touch of tobacco to remind you of the warm nights of Marrakesh.

Name: Marraquexe
Type: Tobacco
PG / VG ratio: 50% / 50%
Ingredients: PG, VG, Flavoring
Quantity: 40ml
Package: Plastic bottle (PE) of pharmaceutical grade with capacity of 60ml, with child-proof protection cap.


Thanks for your response.
I would like to replicate the liquid, can you tell me what the recipe would be?


Just trying to find a good description.

Primary Flavors : Spicy & Soft Blond Tobacco
Notes of fruits

Never had it. What kind of fruit flavors or spice do you taste?


Hi @CarlaLeite7 and welcome to ELR!

Clones are really difficult to pin down and usually take a lot of testing and re-testing. There’s some helpful stuff in this thread:

Clone Request Helpful Guidelines

Have you tried to replicate it yet? What sort of things have you tried?


Cloning any recipe (more so a tobacco recipe) can be very difficult. :grimacing: You might just have to be the one to do it for everyone else out there!

Primary Flavors : Spicy & Soft Blond Tobacco

To me, this tobacco sounds like FA Storm. A heavier spicy tobacco would be FA Desert Ship. You’ll have to be the judge by sampling each one. Good luck and have fun. :grinning:


I honestly would have to say no , cloning is the devil .It is very hard and very time consuming , hopefully you will be like the majority though and find something that you like equally as well while trying to clone.Sometimes we get lucky and find something we like even more.
My advice is to listen to @Kinnikinnick , he knows tobacco’s and will get you headed in the right direction but you still have a lot of leg work to do on this journey.
Good luck and have fun!


There is another divine clouds up, all TPA. i’d probably start with some basic flavors, its probably earl grey tea or green tea, with some stone fruit, and if you google Marrakesh and tobacco…flights to turkey… turkey…tobacco…Turkish tobacco…

Tuscan blend fa… haha :slight_smile:


You forget to mention very expensive as well. Unless you have all the flavors needed already, it can be a expensive and daunting task to source all the right flavors and enhancers :smiley:

You really need someone who knows the original liquid and who’s familiar with probably hundreds of flavorings and in this case, someone who’s very knowledgeable in teas, tobaccos and fruits.

Getting something that resembles the original flavor profile is probably easy for experienced mixers. To get a 1-on-1 clone, nearly impossible because of the limitless combinations of flavors.

That being said, often people discover a juice in the process that they like even more than the original they were hunting.
Remember, once you get off smoking, your taste and smell will also improve and you may not even like the original juice your started with after a while.


There is a well known mixer that has said he will clone anything for $250.00 …guaranteed. I told a person who was thinking of buying this service that I thought it was a bargain. I also told them that I would have to see it to believe it.