[REQ] Maryland cream

To all the guys n gals out there,I’ve been trying to create a clone for the juice Marland cream by USA of vapes. Although I’ve been mixing for about 6months now I’m not even in the same ball park, it’s a sweet rich creamy biscuit type of juice. I’ve tried Ella’s biscuit and custard cream the biscuit and although they are top draw my utopia would be to clone Maryland cream…any thoughts?

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@alphazulu69 Might have to try some speciality creams like Catalan Cream (FA) or Hangsen Italian Cream

Here’s a great recipe to get a feel for Catalan Cream (FA)

And for Italian Cream (Hangsen) try… Oh I may mix both of these today!


That second one looks really good. Will have to sub the gremlin flavor though… Maybe vanilla shisha? I’m finding simple 3 or 4 flavor recipes to be great lately.

+1 for HS Italian Cream. Have you tried HS French Ice Cream? You would probably like it if you are into Italian Cream.

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I’ve subbed it with DIYFS Holy Vanilla at a lower % - it was delish. I can see INW Vanilla Shisha working too :+1:


I have not gotten HS Italian Cream, but I love HS French Vanilla Ice Cream so I am down.

I have been playing around with this Cream Base. First impressions is it is very creamy for my tastes.

Thanks for the advice people. Very helpful :sunglasses: