[REQ] MAX Blueberry recognize flavour - aramax

Hello everyone!

I am vaping for a year now, and new to DIY liquids.
I bougt my TFA and FA flavours and started making some of my own ejuices. But when I started vaping I bought ARAMAX MAX BLUEBERRY eliquid which I fell in love into. Since then I did try to make some of my own blueberry ejuices but non are the same or gives me the same taste as Aramax did.

So after searching the internet for a long time now, I decided to ask you guys, if any of you ever tried that juice and could recognize the flavourings.

So far I used:
TFA - Blueberry
TFA - Blueberry EXTRA
TFA - Blueberry WILD
TFA - Blueberry sweetener
FA - Bilberry
FA - lemon sicily

And I belive that none of those are actually in the ARAMAX MAX BLUEBERRY or something is missing. There is just some specific taste in it that I simply cannot recognize.

I am aware that ARAMAX is not a high-end nor expensive eliquid (cheap 10,99$ for 60ml) but I guess you just find an ejuice that suits you good, that makes you hungry and you actually in kind of perverted way really enyoy having it :smiley:

If any of you may even think what that missing flavour is, I would really really appreciate it.


Welcome to the community. Where would we get this Aramax Max Blueberry? Maybe leave a link. Hopefully someone has tried it and can help you. Good Luck.

I found this link


Maybe try Hangsen Blueberry?
Aramax seems to be a Chinese company, so I assume they use Chinese flavors.

From their website
© 2018 Shenzhen Rtech Technology Development Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

And even if it doesn’t end up being the same, it’s a pretty good blueberry so it won’t be a loss.


Why I haven´t thought about that :confused: Great advice!! I will try to get some of Hangsen flavours :smiley:

@Dan_the_Man yeah that is the eliquid I am trying to clone,… not for sale, only for me and for me forever :smiley: haha

thanky you both!


Don’t know where you’re from, but Nicotine River sells them in the States. In Europe there’s just one website I found that sells some of their flavors but I thought it looked a little shady, the pictures look like they date from the 70’s (so I bought mine from NicRiver). No idea where Asians get their flavors but I’m sure there you can order straight from Hangsen themselves.


Hansen In the UK is available here

It looks shady as a rat with a gold tooth but I have never been let down by them.


Good to know, thanks. I never knew anyone who actually ordered by them but if you say they’re OK I’ll give them a try next time.


I am from Europe,… I went on searching ebay for flavours but because I couldn´t find Hangsen flavours I found some on Vanilla Vapes from UK. I ended up ordering blueberry and blackberry just to try.
I dug up some more information about Hangsen flavours and Ejuices. I think those are made from flavours made by company Taima - or they are only sellers, not sure. Other thing I found interesting when I was diging the internet was that you can get some other flavours such as this link manufactured by Sanmenxia Yingrun Food Co., Ltd. and their interesting name maxberry, which is one of the Aramax ejuices.

But I don´t want to make a conclusion yet, first I will wait for Hangsen flavours to arrive and will see from then on. I will tr to make a batch of Hangsen blueberry (6%) and FA lemon sicily (2%) and if it wont be sweet enough I will try to add TPA Blueberry EXTRA or WILD which tend to be more sweet. Other thing I want to mention here is this recipe Wild very berry which was one of the first I tried. After 1 week I noticed that amount of sweetener in that recipe tend to override all other flavours and the only output you get is sweetness. So I will only use it with sour flavours to create balance.

Have a great day everyone,

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err… the link to yinrun food is fruit juice concentrate, it’s not quite the same as flavor concentrate, which is what we use for vaping. Fruit juices contain other elements that may not be suited for vaping.

Maxberry is an actual fruit, just like blueberry. So it’s quite possible to have different brands with the same Maxberry flavor. Definitely read up on the ingredients of the concentrates you want to test in your liquids. Both here on the forum, as well as other forums, you’ll find lists of manufacturers that are known and regarded as safe to use for vaping. Some manufacturers even have a range of concentrates that are safe whereas others should only be used for consumption (food or drinks). If you find a concentrate that you can’t find any information about regarding to vaping, I wouldn’t mix it until you do some research and are sure it’s safe.


So after 10 days I received Hangsen blueberry and blackberry, did a small batch, combinig it with TPA blueberry and a drop of lemon sicily,… After 6 hrs I tried it and it does not taste like Aramax Max blueberry. But it is defenitely a good flavour, it reminds me of chewing gum, but not quite sure which one :slight_smile: I read on the internet that hangsen flavours can be mixed between 6-8%, but as far as I can tell, even 5% is too much, maybe 2-3% max because it is really intense. Thank you @anon28032772 for your recommendation for Hangsen blueberry.
I guess I will have to look further for other flavours and maybe some day I will find the right one that suits me. Does anyone know how does blueberry jam taste like, is it totally diferent than all other blueberry flavours out there or is it only sweetened blueberry?