[REQ] Mi-Mi Vape Monkey

I have a very little hope, but :slight_smile: I’ve tried Mi-Mi Vape luquid called “Monkey - baked banana” (“Обезьянка - Печёный банан” - для тех, кто тут по-русски читает))) and I and my boyfriend just fell in love. I still have a few drops of it but I cherish it for a rainy day. It was a cheap liquid to all other things!
I cannot find it in local stores till then.
Maybe, maybe you know a clone of this liquid or how to make a clone by yourself?
Or maybe you have it in your local store and will not mind to ship tons of that liquid it to Moscow? xDD

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Congrats! :smile:


E-liquids - connecting people :joy: Of course I meant “fell in love with this liquid”


Oh, haha, well, I have never heard of this one… Mi-Mi Vape Liquid - Monkey - Baked Banana…

Do you have a link to somewhere that sells it online?

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And for those wondering…

"Monkey - Roasted banana "- for those who read Russian here


I can only find these by MiMi :confused:

Maybe try contacting this place??


Does this guy have it in the video?