[REQ] Midas cinnamon candy

I am trying to come close to Midas Cinnamon Candy. That stuff helped my wife quit smoking the first time. Cinnamon red hots by itself is not even close. Anyone have any recipes or ideas?


i don’t know that juice… never tasted it etc…
if Cinnamon red Hots doesn’t suit for you, then give a try at “Hot Cinnamon Candy” by (CAP) this flavor seems not being very popular (CRH too) but it’s much closer to the original cinnamon candies :slight_smile:

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Also make sure you’re using ample sweetener. I’d guess the original, being a candy kind of vape, has a lot of sweetener in it. 1-5% of a sucralose based sweetener should help with that “candy” feel.


Thank you all so much. I’m not looking for a clone so to speak, just a way to get to a spicy cinnamon (similar to a cinnamon jolly rancher). I didn’t know there was an actual spicy cinnamon flavor out there. So far I have tried some FW, Cap, TFA but have settled for FA’s flavors. They seem to be the most potent. One more question…what is (CRH)?

CRH is Cinnamon Red Hots

According to the Midas description its big red gum. But I doubt it actually has any “gum” in it, it’s probably all about the cinnamon…

I think you’re on the right track with TFA CRH, just make sure it’s alcohol based, the PG based variant is no bueno. TFA CRH is the flavor you’re looking for. It’s predominantly cinnamaldehyde, just has a funky aftertaste that needs to be masked.

Try TFA CRH ALC with TFA Vanilla Swirl. Keep it a 3:1 ratio, respectively. (3% CRH, 1% VS for example) you can take the flavor intensity up as you feel comfortable just stay close to 3:1. CRH has a sweetness to it already & CRH has so much flavor you really don’t need to add more just to gunk up your coils. If you feel you absolutely need to sweeten the mix I’d recommend .5% CAP super sweet. Let it steep 11 days and rock it.

This could pass as Atomic fireballs, Fireball whiskey or big red gum to most people’s palates.


Thank you for the help. That’s what I was looking for…a direction to go. I am also going to try using lorann cinnamon oil (No actual oil in concentrate) to see where it takes the juice. Maybe cinnamon oil and CRH together will get me where she wants it. Again thank you all for the direction, most helpful!!

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