[REQ] Milk Meee Clone?

Does anyone here have a clone for Milk Meee by All Day Vape Co.? My buddy loves this juice (I think it’s just ok), and I’m looking to clone it for him. It’s described as a “no frills strawberry milk”, but there is just something about it I can’t identify. They sell the juice dirt cheap, but occasionally have issues filling orders in a timely manner, which is why i’m looking for a clone. I’m also a bit concerned with quality due to the ridiculously low price.

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rhe easiest thing to do is get RFSC strawberry milkshake mix at 4pct and steep for 10 to 15 days , add a sweetener to it if needed ( remember this is the easiest way ) to get a good satisfying strawberry and cream you can also add creams if you want to make it more complex


I’ll try this. Not sure it’ll get me what I’m looking for, though. I’ll update next week.

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probably not , and i do apologize i dont usually reply to requests bc havent tried the juice , but if it how you described it i do believe it can be pleasing enough to at least save your friend some money …

Note: i do like to add cream and another strawberry , but its already vapeable as a SF just be careful to make this the top note so exampl

RFSC SM 4pct
red touch strawberry 2pct or lower maybe 1.5
VBIC or fave cream at 1pct or so
add sweetener to your taste i use a mix of 75pct Erythritol and 25 pct LS pyure


Thanks! I’ll try your recommended mix.

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Well, I received the flavor yesterday and mixed up a batch. It’s THE flavor used in Milk Meee, without a doubt. I never would have guessed it would be such a simple single ingredient recipe. It sucks just like the Milk Meee, too! lol.


The Recipe

•6% CAP Sweet Strawberry

•3% TFA Strawberry Ripe

•3% TFA Vanilla Swirl

•2% CAP Vanilla Custard

•0.5% FW Hazelnut

•1% FA Vienna Cream

•0.5% FA Fresh Cream

•2% FA Meringue

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and my last post for it, found this in an old ECF

for a single flavor its one of the most impressive imo , i am glad it will work for your friend since thats who its for right ???

Yeah, I’m not a huge fan, but my friend loves it. Thanks for the help!

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you are welcome

Is this THE recipe, or just A recipe that might be close? It looks good, either way. I’ll have to order the hazelnut and Vienna cream and try this one out.

I doubt any clone is THE clone, but it’ll put you in a better situation? Look at the recipe and look at flavors that were on the market at that time or strawberry/cream recipes that have been a crowd favorite. Strawberry milk is a WAY popular. If you don’t find an exact clone, you’ll probably find something better.

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i didnt mention this b4 but if your friend likes it the next day he will love it at the 10 to 14 day mark it does get better with a good steep