[REQ] Mimi's French toast blueberries and creme

Hi guys, I’m bananas for this juice and where I live, it’s quite difficult to get it.
Please help me with a clone or recipe for it.
The flavor profile says…
Stuffed French Toast with Blueberries and Crème

Does it have maple syrup taste or just the blueberries and whip/cream taste?

I couldn’t taste the maple syrupy thing but there is a definite taste of caramely french toast topped with Blueberries

That rules out several traditional french toast flavors used ie RF French toast, Cap french toast, VF Pancake. They are most likely creating the “french toast” aspect from scratch using less grainy type cake flavors coupled with maybe cake batter, butter? Is there a cinnamon note?

For the french toast aspect a good start might be
Purilum Yellow Cake 3%
Jungle Flavors Cake 1%
RF SC baked bread .25%
Golden butter .5%-1%
Delosi cake batter 3%

Is the blueberry jammy at all? Deep,dark tasting?
How would you describe the cream?

I suck when it comes to describing flavours.
Here is a couple of user reviews and how they describe it. May be it will give you a good hint. And thank you so much for your precious time and helping me out

“This vape is amazingly good! It’s like vaping your breakfast… syrupy blueberries hints on a dessert juice that simply tastes great! Will be on my every order. Highly recommend”

“If you have a sweet tooth and a love of breakfasty things this juice will really hit the spot, it has actually stopped me visiting the bakery as often as i used to! My first purchase of a premium eliquid from Apollo will not be my last. I only have one complaint, it’s not available in litre bottles!! Now to try the other flavours… yummy.”