[REQ] Minnesota Menthol by Vermillion River Juice

Hello Everybody,
im new here . and im looking for some receipe
did anyone already taste Minnesota Menthol from Vermillion River Juice ? Can anyone tell me what receipe is it like ? i already try make it but never get it close .

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What’s the flavor like? The description basically says methol tobacco, but the pic also shows hazelnuts and caramel. What have you tried so far?

Basically its tobacco menthol. What i taste is tobacco, hint of caramel and lil bit maybe biscuit/cracker while exhale. Also hint Sweetness in menthol like Candy maybe
What iam tryin so far is . I do mix RY4, Koolada,TFA Western(Cowboy),Sweetener(Surcalose)

The more info you give, what it reminds you of, comparison for the type of menthol, etc will all help you get the best advice possible to get your clone. What is wrong or didn’t you like with your trials, what % did you use, make sure your flavor stash is public etc etc. Really, most of this info that’s needed is mentioned in the link that MisterSinner gave you.

I’m not the greatest mixer, I don’t know much about tobacco, but I know that with enough info, a lot of people here can give you some really great advice and put you in the right direction. Maybe not a 1:1 clone but something that you may even enjoy more.

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The key could be the menthol, they might have used crystals.

I still looking up for this recipe. Can anybody share it? Thanks