[REQ] Mister-E Grey Matter Clone

Have been DIYing for a year or so at this point, no way i can go back to paying high premiums for thist stuff when i know what it actually costs to make. This juice is absolutely amazing, but i cant find even a remote hint of someone cloning it, and i cant even get close. The juice itself is incredibly mysterious in all aspects.

Just from referencing my own tastebuds, i have tried things like bubble gun, tobacco, graham cracker, honey, Earl Grey, etc… i could be way off, i know i cant get anything that tastes right.

Anyone have any idea on this juice, or even the remotest idea of where to start?


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After reading a few reviews on the Mister E Liquid site and other places, it sounds like to me what you have there is a pipe tobacco juice with some sweet notes to tamp down the possible bite of the tobacco. The throat hit, if you are getting the Mel
signature mix, is there due to the 67PG/33VG blend; I can understand why you’d get a pretty good throat punch. Deciphering the tobacco mix is the trick; you can move on to the easy stuff, which are the back notes, later.

This about the back notes from one reviewer: “I also get notes that don’t go with pipe tobacco at all such as cinnamon French toast, butter and vanilla.”… These are the easy parts of the DIY mix; the tobacco is the crux of the matter.

This is where your going to have to do some research, whether it’s reading forums or buying and trying different types of pipe tobacco flavorings. To me this is the fun part. But, from what I’m reading in the reviews on this juice, it’s a Virginia/Burley mix.

From my experience in the pipe tobacco realm of DIY, the Inawera “for Pipe” line would be a good place to start looking for your tobacco flavoring. There are lots of flavor descriptions in the Inawera threads here; search Inawera and give it a read.

I’ve tried about all the “for Pipe” line and haven’t been anything but impressed with these flavorings; I’m a tobacco hound.

Good luck and welcome to the forum!

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Thanks for the information. Gives me a place to kind of start fresh from with information i wouldnt have probably come up with on my own. I have never liked the tobacco flavors that i came across for ejuice, and Grey Matter tastes nothing like tobacco… but what you are saying makes sense. I will start with the tobacco. Again, thanks.

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This will put you in the thread for Inawera and a few tobacco notes. The “vanilla for pipe” might be where you would want to start; it’s a nice light pipe tobacco.

I’ve not tried the Grey Matter liquid but I do like Earl Grey tea, bergamot lends it character, just found that FA do it, could be worth a try:
bergamot by FlavourArt

might have to try that myself!

Hello, I really enjoy Grey Matter as well and am currently trying to duplicate it. @scribes have you made any headway on this recipe? Any tips or help would be appreciated.

Grey Matter:
so far this comes to mind:

Vanilla Swirl- TFA 2%
Graham Cracker Clear - TFA 2%
Toasted Marshmallow- FW 4%
Milk Chocolate - INW 1%
Am4A TDM - INW .5% or even just a couple of drops (potent stuff)

Close as I could think of it.

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