[REQ] Mister-E-Liquid Venus Clone

Does anyone know of a clone for Mister-E-Liquid Venus? It is my all time favorite juice but is impossible for me to get because of my state dumb vape laws. The best way I can describe it is like a berry tropical fruit type blend.

Description states:

We have fallen in love with Venus and all her beauty! On the inhale, this amazing berry e-liquid blasts your taste buds with a bright and tart, yet surprisingly smooth, berry blend. She leaves you longing for her presence again with a touch of sour as you begin to exhale - only a moment before an alluring island breeze of juicy tropical fruit quickly brings balance to finish her profile - with just the right amount of throat hit to sweep you off your feet.

Flavor Profile
Primary Tart berry blend


Yeah I have read the description hundreds of times and I’m still stumped. I don’t know where to begin with trying to clone a juice myself since I have never done that before. That’s why I was trying to see is there was a clone recipe.

Cool. It’s just helpful for others to know what the description is :+1:


I’m gonna step to ledge and say you should say thank you to @Lolly. A proper clone request is to post the name, manufactures comments on what the flavor is, a pic if it available.

And most importantly what mixes have you tried.

I say this out of love. Not to be mean. But Lolly does not get enough credit for posting the information for people.


I hope my previous reply didn’t come off a certain kind of way. I’m thankful that you took the time to look up and post the description for the juice. I’m just so freaking stumped and it’s hard for me to explain the juice.


I don’t think you were being mean or took it any kind of way. It just kind of sucks that it looks like now I only said thank you because you said something which is not the case. But oh well thank you for the complete correct reply.


Relax it’s fine. Have you looked on the actual recipe side by chance?


It’s all good. I tried to use nice words not to scare you away. Asking for clones is a tough thing asking for a clone. Mostly because there is no magic stick. However, if you strike the right cord someone may get you on your way with the right advice.

Check the bajillion clone requests. You did just fine on your reaponse.


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Yes I have with with no luck.


Hmm, give me a bit for some research.

Yeah, I kind of hate the word clone in vaping. Because unless you have the exact recipe I know it is impossible. But I didn’t know what other word to use. I was really looking for a close enough type guide I could tweak. Venus was my adv but with the laws we have I have finally ran out and can’t get anymore.


We can get close. Not micromolecule on point, but close.


Close DOES count in some games.
Thermonuclear warfare
Vape Juice Clones


All is good sweetheart :smiley:

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