[req] Moku Oyatsu Bolt

This is all new to me so here goes my first post.
I am so totally addicted to Bolt and have not seen any recipes for this.
The flavour is quite distinct in that the first time I vaped this it had notes of actual mint leaves. I was in love.
It’s relatively sweet and a fresh spearmint exhale with slight bubblegum notes if I may say.
I have been messing about with some flavours but nothing close.
Furthermore can anyone suggest how long to steep this recipe
70/30 VG/PG Juice
VG nic 72mg
Spearmint 5%
Bubblegum 0.2%

Thanks in advance.


The white gummies turns up on the recipe side but that’s all.

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I hear nothing but amazing things about mokus 3 juices…the white gummy is meant to be amazing but there aren’t a lot of clones for it

I will try your combo for the bolt though…although I imagine there are more ingredients but who knows

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Would love to get an accurate recipe for this.

That Bolt juice is just perfect and I don’t actually like mint juices but this is lovely.

Since TPD the 10ml bottles of this do NOT taste the same as the older batch and its not just me saying this, most customers at my local vape shop say the same thing.

Im going to start with the 2 ingredients you mentioned @Zaine and see how it goes.

Has anyone else tried cloning this?

I bought Cuties. But, I find the flavor quite strong, to the point that it isn’t enjoyable on it’s own. I like to dilute it with other juices though. It tastes wonderful with other fruits. But, I regret not choosing the white gummy!

Cuties gets better when you leave it for a few weeks.

My fav out of the 3 is defo “Bolt” this spearmint flavour is soooo good, I just wish I could replicate it. As for Gummies it made me almost throw up, not sure what it was but I did not like it even though I’m a big gummy bear fan.

One thing is for sure… every since the TPD has come in over here (UK) none of these juices have tasted the same, they have all lost some of their sweetness and seem more chemically now. I have spoken to others who also think the same.


I don’t know the juice and have never tasted it but I would make an uneducated guess that they are using Inw flavours if this is the case - the reformulations may have cause them off guard or the QC is lacking. Just a guess.


Thanks for this… I will grab some INW spearmint (if thats a thing) haha.


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