[REQ] Momo - Pink Me recipe

If anybody has tried the Momo - Pink Me juice I believe that most that tried it will agree it’s a great e-juice and I keep coming back to it as I haven’t find any nicer for me so far. Here is a review with the flavour https://www.planetofthevapes.co.uk/reviews/e-liquids/momo-e-liquid.html

I been waiting a long time that somebody would make a decent clone. But no luck so far.

So I am now desperately looking for a clone. I tried many times myself but can’t get it right :frowning:

Marcosi, I’ve been looking all over for a clone of this as well, if you do come across it or of you guys on here may know of the recipe could you please let me know many thanks in advance

No luck so far :frowning:

@Marcosi did you ever find anything close to this pal?