[REQ] Monkey King from Happy Buddha

I am looking for a recipe for a clone.
According to the description of shops it is a taste:

  • Toasted marshmallow and banana Haribo or
  • Perfectly matched with bananas and marshmallows to create the best banana moon pie

I try this recipe:
but this is not it.

Please if anyone knows the recipe for the liquid.
I really like it and it’s hard to buy it (very little already in stores)

I have no idea how the original tastes, but based on it being a cake and the description, I would try something like:

3.5% Banana Cream (LA)
1.7% Bano (Banana) (FA)
1.5% Toasted Marshmallow (TPA)
2% Marshmallow (TPA)
3% Cheesecake (Graham Crust) (TPA)

Steep for a week or so :slight_smile:


Daath - thank you :slight_smile:
I will try your recipe.
I have a problem I can get the flavor Banana Cream (LA).
Can I replace it with the aroma of TPA or Extreme Flavors?

They’re pretty different. You could try TPA (I don’t know extreme flavors), but I was going for the Haribo banana, and I think LA would fit better :slight_smile:

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Thank you - I will try :slight_smile:

I buy flavors and mix your recipe.
Instead Banana Cream (LA) I used Banana Cream (TPA).
After 2 days, the taste and smell of the bottle is not the same as the Monkey King :frowning:

Now I know for sure.
The main taste and smell of the bottle is Toasted Marshmallow.
In liquid Monkey King flavor Toasted Marshmallow is very intense and very strong .
It is a more intense flavor than TPA bottle !!!

Do you give more flavor % Toasted Marshmallow?
Can I buy you a more intense flavor than the TPA (Toasted Marshmallow) ?

I think the recipe @daath mentioned earlier was a starting point idea for you. AFAIK LA banana cream and TPA Banana are quite different in taste so this could be one issue.

As far as the flavour percentages go, you can increase them/decrease them until you get the desired flavour for you, so feel free to increase the TPA Toasted Marshmallow (and remember to keep notes of changes)

Making eliquid is definitely trial and error in most of my recipies but stick with it and you’ll get there…I wish you luck :smiley:

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Lolly thank you very much for your good advice :slight_smile:
So I will try to increase the% Toasted Marshmallow and I did purchase
Banana Cream LA on ebay :slight_smile:

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TPA Banana Cream is very different to LA Banana Cream.

the LA is much much better, TPA has a gum taste to it…

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And so I buy the Banana Cream LA (amazing flavor and taste for single mixing) and mixed according to recipes Daath.
Sorry, but this is not like the Monkey King :slight_smile:
It seems to me lq Monkey King does not have a Cheesecake.

My wife says that the smell of a bottle is the banana and the main flavor
It can be something very sweet and intense - caramel or vanilla?

Please any help, especially those who try to taste the Monkey King.
I’ve already purchased almost the entire supply of the Monkey King to the whole world :slight_smile:

I do not know if the Happy Buddha resume production Monkey King.
Do not get answers from them :frowning: