[REQ] Mountain dew livewire

I’m looking for a mountain dew livewire recipe. I tried some on here but didnt like them any one got one that is private that they like.


You may have some more success if you can list what you’ve tried


This will help with getting tips/responses, too.

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If you’ve tried the ones on ELR already…


On lediypourlesnuls:

Détails % - ml - Goutte

  1. 3% Citrus Punch (Mt. Dew) (TPA)
    4.5% Juicy Orange (CAP)
    9.5% Orange Creamsicle (CAP)

Autre(s) Version(s)

  1. By Kopel
    5% Citrus Punch (Mt. Dew) (TPA)
    0.3% Jackfruit (TPA)
    0.2% Quince (TPA)
    0.25% Smooth (TPA)
    5% Sweet Tangerine (CAP)
    2% Tanger (Mandarin) (FA)

Flavor total: 12.75%

  1. By Mage
    0.25% Bergamot (FA)
    2% Champagne (TPA)
    6% Citrus Punch (Mt. Dew) (TPA)
    2% Erythritol Solution (ECX)
    2% Orange (FA)
    0.25% Smooth (TPA)
    4% Sweet Tangerine (CAP)
    1% Tanger (Mandarin) (FA)

Flavor total: 17.5%

  1. By Thatoneguy2
    3% Blood Orange (Natural) (FW)
    4% Citrus Punch II (TPA)

Flavor total: 7%

  1. By BigTattooDaddy
    15% Mountain Dew Type (Delosi)
    5% pure orange extract

Flavor total: 20%

  1. By Glenn
    5% Citrus Punch (TPA)
    0.25% Orange (TPA)

Flavor total: 5.25%

If you google around a bit, there are quite a few versions available


I’ve tried fw blood orange with lb dew mountain.
And mountain dew type delosi and pure orange extract. Both have been on the elr recipe list but both are off for my taste idk what to add to get it right.

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Can you post links to specific recipes you’ve tried?



That’s awesom thanks for that.

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There is a possibility that 15% is too high for that flavor, judging by the stats on the flavor page. Also, how long did you steep before deeming it unsuccessful?

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Tried at a week. And once at 2 weeks and still didn’t come out right to me


Orange Mandarin-TFA 4%
Citrus Punch - TFA 2%
Natural Orange- FW 2%
Shisha Orange- INW 2%

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