[REQ] Mr Good Vape Sweet Lovin - Clone


So surprised there is no clone recipe for this juice anywhere?
I have made endless attempts at this but cant even replicate it by the slightest.

It’s Strawberry Candy, Watermelon Candy with Bubblegum.

The actual juice doesn’t even taste of the above flavours but it’s really nice and sweet without that nasty sucralose sweetness,

I’ve tried all the Capella, TFA, One on One strawberry falvours etc but none of them seem to work.

Anyone ever tried this?


Here you go, Try this :strawberry::watermelon::tongue:
Bubblegum (FW) 4.00%
Red Touch (FA) 3.50%
Candy Watermelon (FW) 5.5

  • You may want to reduce the Candy Watermelon by 1% to better suite your palate.

I might have to buy n try that recipie,looks interesting,ty.

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Awesome thank you, I never even heard of the Falvor Art Red Touch before.
Does that resemble a sweet/candy Strawberry?

No Red Touch (FA) is not a Candied Strawberry per se.
The Candy Watermelon (FW) will be the candy medium you are trying for.

Brilliant Thank You,

Concentrates ordered :ok_hand:

Robsta, How did it turn out? I’m trying to clone Candy King’s Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum Ice and I think I’m getting close. There’s just something missing and I can’t quite put my finger on it. Here’s where I’m at:
Bubblegum(TPA) - 6%
Cactus(INW) - .13%
Strawberry(TPA) - 6%
Super Sweet(CAP) - .5%
Watermelon Candy(TPA) - 8 %
WS-3 - .75%

I’ve never had the Sweet Lovin’, but I’ve heard they are similar in taste without the Ice.

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