[REQ] Mr Malts Flurrys

Looking for a clone of Mr malts flurrys.I have not bought juice in months but this is the first one. It is so good.

If you include a little more info it will make it easier for someone to assist.

“A delicious classic cookies and cream malt” is the only flavor profile I can find on the net - can you taste or identify any other background notes?

What have you tried?

The more info you can give the more likely you are to get a starting point.



I havent tried to make it yet. I only tried it a few days ago and loved it so much i ordered a bottle. Its basically a light oreo or cookie and cream on the inhale and a vanilla on the exhale.

description from online;A delicious classic cookies and cream malt. Primary Flavors: Cookies & Cream and Malt

Vape a diner classic with a true to form malt in Mr. Malt’s Flurry E-Liquid by Vaper Treats (60ML). Like sitting in a booth at your favorite diner, Mr. Malt’s Flurry offers a mouthwatering cookies & cream malt served fresh to you with every drip. A generous serving of cookies & cream ice cream arrive upon the inhale with sugary force. The exhale of Mr. Malts Flurry drowns in a body of delicious malt layered in cookies and cream. Be sure to buy a 60ML bottle of Mr. Malts Flurry’s E-Liquid now!

bump still looking for this.