(REQ) multiple recipes

Hi guys new here so bare with me. Im just after some help on what percent to mix juices at ive got a load of concentrates on order and theres a few flavours im after mixing up but im stuck at what percentages to mix them at. Bare in mind i like them to be strongly flavoured but not too harsh… If i post the flavours could you give me some suggestions on what percentages to mix them at thanks.
Heres a list of the flavours im after mixing

Apple crumble:
Green apple
Creme anglaise (custard)

Strawberry doughnut:
Glazed doughnut or frosted doughnut
Strawberry and cream
Strawberry ripe
Sweet cream

Reeses choc doughnut:
Glazed doughnut or frosted doughnut
Sweet cream

Milk and cookies (have loads of concentrates for this)
Butter milk
Honey milk
Cookie butter
Cookie dough

Other concentrates i also have at my disposal are:
Colonels custard
Cream egg
Rice krispies
Bananna milkshake
Strawberry shortcake
Telos crunch
Custard cream
White chocolate

Obviously flavours can be mixed accordingly…
And if anyone has used the cream egg,snikkers or reeses before could someone advise on how strongly there flavours come through… All flavours were ordered off chef vapor… P.s soz for long post haha

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