[REQ] My Dew Chilled by This Bru MFG?!

I’m a beginner when it comes to mixing my own stuff, but the main reason I started was because of this one juice; my all-time favourite, sitting at #1 for me. I’ve tried, and failed. Anyone that can help me maybe re-create this, or possibly give me something along the lines of a strong lime flavour, with hints of lemon; with a cool inhale/exhale. It’s not too sweet, but you can still taste the sweetness, sort of like a crisp apple sweetness. Any tips, help/info would be super appreciated!


You might want to start here and read… https://e-liquid-recipes.com/guide

Do you have your flavors in your stash (or do you even have flavors?)?

From the sounds of it, you need a lime, a lemon and ??apple…

Not too bad… pick up a few from different vendors… try them out. start low and work up…

I will say you get what you pay for… expect to spend some money on your search, and plan on taking a lot of notes.

Good luck. :slight_smile:


Flavorah Lime for the lime really good just finished testing it …as far as the chill the Koolada I’d guess Flavorah Lemonade and apple sweetness maybe try Flavourart Apple Stark with their Fugi Apple? It’s a place to start anyway. Maybe some other people have a better ideas

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citrus punch tfa

key lime (or your preference of key lime)

lemonade 2% (if you use lemon sicily, that’ll be a candy-like taste, like runts or lemonheads)

Fuji apple .5%

Things not listed, but best intentions

Champagne, liquid amber and sour,

Sweetness is a mystery label item that’s just that, it adds pazazz, but pazazz is already there, in you.


For starters.
0.5% Citrus Soda (Flavorah)
0.4% Cool Menthol (Flavorah)

You can bump it up to 0.75% & 0.75% respectively if needed.

If you ever tried “Blood Orange Mango Snowcone by Coastal Clouds” The Citrus Soda (Flavorah) tastes exactly like the lemon line citrus in this liquid. (To me it does. Flavor is so subjective thou)


Sounds great… been wanting to get that Apple Stark for sometime now :sunglasses:


ah snap, I didn’t see this one.

extreme ice,
polar blast

eh, tomato, tomatoe

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I know. Just mentioned it since Im NOT digging koolada it’s kidda werid off-notes for me “cardboard”. And pleasantly surprised just how cold Flavorah Cool Menthol really is both on inhale and exhale. Not only cold but it hits your nose also and makes you feel like you were out in the cold. (opens up your nose a lot) It’s really a good clean menthol cooling additive.

concreate accidently named the wrong manufacturer : lol :rofl: Dave vapes it at 5% so funny!

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and here I am happy with 3 bottle drops each of cool menthol and ice…
no wonder some are so wacked they can not taste things right. :sneezing_face::roll_eyes:


Yes I’ll be needing that “Ice” also now please. :rofl: These help my clogged up nose and allergies. :woozy_face:

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I’ll have to get the Citrus Soda FLV too was trying to make a sprite

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I can’t really speak for the iced flavor at all I’ve decided not to use it lol


It makes the best sprites, a good base for bubbly drinks… yeps… :slight_smile:

Ya don’t know what you are missing :wink:

I do have flv flavor packs up on my site… :slight_smile:
However, I won’t be the fastest shipper…



Oh a lil menthol and cooling… that’s nothing… I just mixed this up and am about to S&V it. :scream:

Wait It might need some Menthol now that Im thinking about it. :sunglasses:

5.5% Absinthe (DV)
2% Eucalyptus (VTA) (Edit 3.5% is perfect so yum)


LOL Smoky, I have very good or bad memories of a night in New Orleans drinking Absinthe … Good because I believed vampires were real and bad because I cried when I was disappointed I didn’t wake up immortal hahahhaha I miss those crazy days of fun.

I’ll have to let you know how it goes next February at Mardi Gras!


Huh, Vampires aren’t real?

Oh Well at least I have another good vape to post, just sweeten it up. :money_mouth_face:

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LOL how adorable is that little guy!!! To be fair, I’d been drinking Absinthe and tequila shots (I rarely drink so you can imagine that I was toasted) and we were at a bar where these folks that were members of the Vampire Church (yes it’s a real thing) were hanging out. So all of that might have added into my obsession. I was down there researching a book I was writing about… you guessed it… Vampires.

New Orleans - Vampires?

Anne Rice The Vampire Chronicles great stuff. :+1:Couldn’t put them down.

I think it’s the Eucalyptus leaves that make that guy so cute. hehe

I think Smoky left cause we stopped talking about flavorah.- poke poke @anon84779643 :wink:

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I was at the Anne Rice Vampire ball which was freaking AMAZING… did miss my chance to meet the True Blood Cast because I couldn’t get a sitter for the month they were in town. Still cry over that loss since I’m a huge Alexander Skarsgard fan LOL


Nopes had to get to bed lol… now I have to get out the door :wink: :coffee::red_car: beep beep :stuck_out_tongue:

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