[REQ] Mylk Caramel Almond by Brewell Vapory recipe

Hi Mixers,

I would like to try to clone Mylk Caramel Almond by Brewell Vapory, can anybody help me pls ?


Thanks and good vapes


Flavour profile says:

MYLK by Brewell Vapory - Caramel Almond

Caramel Almond is the newest creation of the finest quality by MYLK. Appreciate this delightful caramel drizzle around a smooth almond creme, beyond any doubt to be your throughout the day vape.

Primary Flavors: Caramel, Almond Creme

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Thanks @Lolly
so I assume there must be at least 3 flavs:
Now the difficult part, seek for the correct ones and the percentages …


I would start with using the average amount used in all the recipes.


can you suggest me what’s the best Caramel, Almond and Cream flavs to get,

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Here’s the best way to do this. Go here:


Type in Almond hit the “Ratings” Button. You will see the the 5 star flavors come to the top of the list. Pick the one most people use, and the most popular. (I just picked FA Almond with 1200 or so ratings)

Click on that FA Almond.

When you choose FA Almond at the top of the screen, you will see the average mixing quantity. That’s a good guideline. To get better Information scroll down to the “Notes” and click on it.

When you click on notes you will see where people have commented on the flavor and what percentage they use, if they love it or hate it etc. If you keep seeing in the notes people using 1% or 2% or a half a percent that’s a good place to start.

Then… you go back to Carmel and do the same thing, and go back to Cream and do the same thing.

The best cream flavor for new folks to start with Creams is Vanilla Custard V1 by Capella. The reason is, this flavor is in thousands of recipes at about 6%. Most people like it.

Try doing that and see what you think.


Whoops… almost forgot:

When you are trying to clone a liquid, or trying to get really close to a flavor profile you have to really “taste” the liquid you are cloning. You have to really examine what you are tasting. What are you sensing when you taste it?

Check gourmet recipes for food online that tastes like the liquid you are cloning also. There might be Cinnamon or Lemon or other “touches” of things that need to be in it to get it to taste like what you are trying to achieve. :slight_smile:


Thanks @Maureeenie!

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Has anyone actually tried to clone this with success? I cant find this e-liquid anywhere anymore… What a shame :frowning: