[REQ} Naked Maui Sun

does anyone have a clone recipe for Naked’s Maui Sun?
My current attempt is this:

CAP Golden Pineapple 6%
CAP Juicy Orange 3%
TPA Mandarin Orange 1.5%
CAP Sweet Tangerine 4.5%
CAP Super Sweet 1%

The actual fruit taste is quite similar already but the original leaves a certain “wetness” in your mouth after the exhale and is also way sweeter. I tried raising the Super Swet percentage but then the fruit taste is not right anymore.

How can I make it sweeter and get that “wetnees” feel? any ideas ?


INW cactus 0.5% will add a nice juiciness.


INW cactus does indeed a good job but I’d start at 0.25%. If the flavor is already right, you don’t want to offset it with the cactus, it’s a potent flavor. Start low and build up as needed. You can also try pear, but again, start low and build up.
Both of them add sweetness too. Try not to use too much sucralose. For fruity juices, stevia does a good job to add sweetness.


Wild melon at .2% from Flavorah will add wetness too… It’s really a nice one. Surprised me. Right along with .12% dragonfruit… both are good to use too. :slight_smile:

I tinkered yesterday and this one is showing potential… not too many flavors… simple. Sampling this morning is smooth, not harsh, and it will steep very well… within 2-3 days…


FA royal orange leaves the wetness I think of your wanting. Also a very good orange! 1-2./.
I would personally lower the sweet tangerine to
2-3./. It turns to tic tacs if to high.
FA royal orange 2./.
Sweet tangerine 2
Golden pineapple 5./.
Juicy orange 2./.
Super sweet 1./.
This is what I would try not sure what your thoughts are but I’m sure it would be very good.

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