[REQ] neptune berries

Hey, has anyone made or come across a neptune berries clone? Blueberry, pomegranate, acai and menthol. I assume there’s probably 2 blueberry flavours in there. But just thought I’d ask to see if anyone has cloned this flavour by juice dimension before?

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I will try to give you a starting point but it may not come close to the original.

Blueberry wild TPA 4%
Blueberry candy TPA 4%
Acai berry Purilum 1.5%
Menthol natural FW .25-.5%

I have a pomegranate flavor that I’ve never used so I’m not sure where to go on that one. I don’t really care for the musky taste of acai berry and will probably never use it again, that is way I suggested lower than the average/median recommendations. Menthol should be adjusted to your taste.

Never tried the juice you are seeking but if it has a sweet note you can add sweetener to your taste but I would start low, .25 or so.