[REQ] Ocean Lime by Miami Drippers (aka Cheap Thrills)

I’ve tried this: Lime Breeze [CT Ocean Lime Clone]

Replaced [Lime Tahity (Distilled) (FA) with TFA Lime and a little more of the Cold Pressed. Couldn’t find the distilled lime in Sweden. Anyway it doesn’t taste anything like the original… Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Or can someone else help me out here?


@Nahojii sending you a warm welcome


I’ve never tried the original juice but I’d think kiwi or pineapple would match with lime better and fit the ‘ocean’ theme closer than pear does. What’s the flavor that’s missing/what tastes off?


The person that wrote the recipe… says its a 90% clone.
You didnt use the flavors the og did either.

Trying other limes from other companies… describing what you do taste in the juice you are vaping… helps. Otherwise for those that have not tasted your juice you want clones… makes it super hard.

Most here do not do clones and even knowing a clone will only get so far.
The more you can help, the more help you can pick up. :slight_smile:

Most other fruits go with lime, so it could be anything.


Just order from Chefs, Vapable, Rainbowvapes or FA Italy (flavourart.com) straight. Don’t limit yourself to the stuff that’s only available in Sweden… buying abroad may even turn out to be cheaper too.


I have to agree with @anon84779643. And by substituting one of the clone flavors with something different you most likely moved farther from the original flavor instead of closer. If that clone recipe is claiming to be 90% close, then mix it exactly as it appears. At least you’ll be in the ball park then and you can tweak it from that point.


Now I want to mix FLV lime with lime Tahity cold pressed because dang that sounds good LOL oooh and add in some lemon FE… guessing they used pear for sweetener…


It would help to stick to someone’s recipe before deciding to sub anything out…
Makes sense…

Then again, I mix like with like… ultra to ultra… so I might have done the whole thing different too. However… I do not vape vendor juice, I create vendor juice… big difference… :slight_smile:

Wish I could help further… good luck to the op.