[REQ] Ohmboy Botanics

Anyone tried to make a clone of Ohmboy Botanics liquids yet?! Am looking for a recipe for Rhubarb rapberry and for Valencia orange!


@EagleEyes1 don’t despair. We love clone chat. Lot’s happens here! Check out some other [REQ] Clone threads. First thing you may notice is we post this “Guidelines” link almost every time (and all the hearts and thumbs ups), so hang with… one thing we cannot do for you is all the reading and searching required to get you where you want to go, so help us help you. Thanks!


be exhausting typing that every time yet responding with only a link can be received as rude. Thinking with permission saving and re using your quote may be a good idea.


When you read the intro visible in the link it’s purposefully written. Most people don’t want to spend too much time reading, and are maybe light in the Search skills, but there’s no alternative as we know. There have been several folks who popped their head in here and never returned. Many times it has worked and now those dudes (and ladies!) are our Regulars. Worth a shot, and there are several of us posting the same help here for Inbound Peeps. Those Never-Returners trigger my Customer Service bone haha “Get back in here!”


Did you find a recipe for it?