[REQ] OHW Army Man ( key lime pie)

Trying to make something close to this but its horrible every time. Anyone have a really good key lime pie recipe or even better an army man clone.

Welcome aboard Curious Traveler. Lots to learn and lots to know on ELR. Jumping about 20 steps… just click “ELR Home” up top here and get taken to the ELR Calculator. Its a recipe calculator and creator and a powerful search tool to discover knowledge about existing recipes and individual flavors.

On ELR Home… on the top left is a search box …type in Key Lime Pie and click “Search” …when results pop up click the column header on the far right “Ratings” to get the most popular “Key Lime Pie” recipes to come to the top [or just click that link] as determined by local voting via our Rating system.

@lt4-396 If you are new to DIY there is a ton of powerful knowledge in our “Beginners” section, here on the Forum side. Allow me to point you to a link to Tips on posting a [REQ] Clone like this, to help you deliver the information we need to discuss your request in-depth.

Just look around some of the other [REQ] Clone topics …one of my favorite places to hang out, welcome perhaps some of the folks who found ELR via Google, and get granular on targeted recipes. If you are new, don’t get discouraged looking at recipe formats etc. all that information is right at hand and you can get clarity right here if you only have a few questions.

Lots of folks first visit this little side door of ELR and I have learned just as much as I have offered lurking around here, so once again …Welcome! hmmm Key Lime Pie!