[REQ] Okami Bubble Gang Sour Menace


Searched on the site and around google haven’t found anything hope some of you may be able to help.


Still working on this havent even come close yet…


Bubble Gang - Sour Menace is part of the latest capsule flavor edition by OKAMI BRAND, presenting a perfect of sweet and sour experience by intermixing a crisp granny smith apple with the sweetness of bubble gum for an unbelievable combination.

Sour + Granny Smith Apple + Bubble Gum

Apple (Tart Green Apple) 5%

Bubble Gum (FW) 3%

Ethyl Maltol 1% (or maybe Black Cherry (FA) at .75%, Black Cherry is a true bubble gum additive to me)

Peach, White (FA) .3%

Courtesy of @LVapes http://tjek.nu/r/2W7b

Then add Sour 1.5%

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I’ll give this a try, will have to wait til my next order of flavorings. I saw this recipe before but was apprehensive of TFA tart green apple as I heard in can be quite harsh. The liquid I’m trying to replicate is super smooth with no harsh notes at all even at 6 mg nicotine.

So far I’ve worked with FW green apple and flavorah granny Smith but neither were close to the taste I’m looking for.

As for the bubblegum I only have Capella and LA, neither of those seem right to me either.
Definitely need to get ethyl maltol. Right know I’ve ust been using TFA sweetener.

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Your correct TFA tart green apple is hella rough solo mixed it @5% was all it took to be unsmokeable imo smell like apple peel Tastes like ass

I’ve being pointed to sour green apple by FLV (Flavorah)
For a mix I’d like to do

Start @0.5- 1% tart green apple maybe bump it up after sav and Steeping
I do sav( shake and vape) then 3 days then 7 days finally 2 weeks if it’s not steeped better then the shake and vape it won’t get better with age
From what I’ve done

May 11th is my last and final test @5% and it’s being rough as hell I don’t hold hope for it at

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