[REQ] One Hit Wonder My Man Clone request or Advice

HI All

Ive been looking to re create this flavour, i’m fairly new to DIY and to be honest im not sure where to start with this one.

Does anyone know of any clones already tried and tested. ive seen a few for milk man by OHW, but cant find any for my man,

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It’s described as Neapolitan. I’d try vanilla bean ice cream (FW or TPA), Strawberry Ripe (TPA), Sweet Strawberry (Cap), Chocolate (FA), Cocoa (FA).

Here’s a clone that got decent marks:

Neapolitan ice cream (my man clone) by chris724

Ingredient %
Chocolate (FA) 1.5
Cocoa (FA) 0.5
Strawberries and Cream (TPA) 2
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 5
Sweetener (Sucralose) (TPA) 1.5
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA) 4
Vanilla Swirl (TPA) 3

Flavor total: 17.5%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com!

Thanks for this @JoJo, I will give this a go and update once i have ordered in some FA from this list above.

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