[REQ] One Hit Wonder - Policeman

Hello my dear friends, I am looking for a clone for policeman one hit wonder need your help please!

A description or a link might help. :yum:

Here’s one Pattie :slightly_smiling:


"With a delicious combination of marshmallow cereal sitting atop a freshly baked glazed donut"
Thats the description for it. @Alisa or @JoJo or even @Amy2 will I’m sure be able to help but to name a few.

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There are two that have tried so far it seems…
I’m not big on cereal vapes myself.
I make the Loopy Cereal for a friend, but that’s it so far.

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When you reply to someone on the forum it’s best to use the" @" symbol and then type their name that way it alerts the person you want. Like this. @John_Lewis.

@Pattie thanks will do that from now on :smiley:


Sounds like it has http://www.bullcityvapor.com/lucky-leprechaun-tfa/ Lucky Leprechaun and http://www.bullcityvapor.com/glazed-doughnut-cap/ Glazed donuts in it. Never have tried it !

But Glazed Donut is great in the 4-5% range

Lucky Leprechaun is a higher usage one may start off in the 5-7% range since you want the donut to be more of the lead note. I bet the juice has more than those two in there like an additional Marshmallow and probably some bavarian creams

4-5% Cap’s Donut
6% TFA’s Lucky Leprechaun
1% TFA Marshmallow
1% TFA Bavarian Cream

Just a stab in the dark ?

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Thank you!

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