[REQ] Patch's Elixir by Doctor Big Vapes

Has anyone tried to make a clone of this? Or even tried it? The company no longer exists and this is still my favorite juice. New to DIY but already trying to clone it. So far I am way off! “…is a mix of watermelon and berry…sugar-sweet delight. …mellow melon offers a pleasant body, while candy-like berries liven the elixir.” Doing the fruit parts isn’t the tough part. Well, the brand of melons is. But its the added cream/body that makes this juice and is the tough part. Any suggestions or ideas on it would be greatly appreciated!!

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While I am not familiar with this Eliquid or Vender at all. You may find this helpful. If you desire to add a creamy mouth feel to your mix try incorporating one of these concentrates into the mix. Meringue (FA) or Meringue (SC) (Real Flavors).
You mentioned Melons & candy, first thought Candy Watermelon (TFA)
Good Luck & Good Mixing

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Is it a noticeable cream next to the fruits or is it just the full mouth feel that it’s missing?

To kind of fill out fruits without actually turning them into a creamy mix I like adding .75-1.5% fa fresh cream and 1% tpa marshmallow.

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I hated to use the word “cream”. Now having a large collection of various creams, none of them are anything close to its addition. I swore it was vanilla until I began mixing but, am lost now. Hence why I had to ask if anyone has at least tried it in this DIY community. Thank you for the suggestions so far. Its been good food for thought!

Bumping this to see if anyone else out there might have heard of it. :slight_smile: