[REQ] Pinkman recipe

Hi Guys,
Does anybody have any recipe for Pinkman.
I have trawled through many sites but my brain is turning to mush lol .
thank you in advance :wink:

I have never heard of this recipe so I don’t know what’s supposed to be in there but I found this one on ELR;

Pinkman : http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/190448/Pinkman

3% FE Lemon
7% Grapefruit (CAP)
2% Key Lime (TPA)
1% Sour (TPA)
5% Watermelon (TPA)

Flavor total: 18%
Remember to rate it at: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/r/1x8Y

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thank you x

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similar flavor? :slight_smile:

As this is viewed fairly often and I couldn’t find a link to this, I would like to share a recipe that is as close as it can get in my opinion. (If you were talking about Vampire Vapes Pinkman)

It’s not mine, but the user u/Ernie_is_dead posted his recipe Very Pink wich is a bit less sweet than the original - but you can easily push the EM in this mix to accomodate this. I prefer it less sweet.

Very Pink

  • 3% INW Pink Panther
  • 1% INW Malina
  • 0,25% INW Kaktus
  • 0,5% CAP Cotton Candy (Ethyl Maltol) (Any EM works, I used INW since I had it handy)

Sounds a lot more like the real thing than that recipe with the watermelon.
The guy who made the best heisenberg clone also claimed VV use only Inawera so even that looks legit.
Thanks for the share :slight_smile:

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Hey, it’s me - the heisenberg freak ;). I think they mainly use INW, but I don’t have a recipe for all their mixes :wink: