[REQ] PLEASE help me figure out Milk Plus recipe

I have been trying to get the recipe for Milk Plus by Bonzai Vapes but I just can’t seem to get it right. I feel like the caramel might be caramel original tfa, and I know there is dairy or malted milk as well… But it still doesn’t taste like the original. Any help is appreciated thank you

i need that recipe, also…when you get it, hook me up…if i find it, i’ll hook you up…deal?

Hey man I have come kinda close. Here is my recipe so far…

Caramel Original (TFA) 12-14%

Dairy /milk (TFA) 2-4%

Sweetener (TFA) 1-2%

Let me know what you think. It’s been awhile since I have actually bought e juice. Since I started making my own it’s hard to justify spending so much.


Sweet…thank you, brother…I will try it out and definitely let you know…maybe I’ll tweak it my own way and share…
I have just recently started DIYing myself and man, lemme tell ya, I am loving it!
and on that note, I will accept any and all tips, tricks, recipes, wisdom, etc…

Well I think I figured it out. I made the recipe above and it seemed to be missing a little something, so instead of just dairy/milk I added a little vanilla custard (I believe TFA) and let it sit for about a week. It is pretty spot on Milk Plus. Hope this helps. Enjoy!


How much custard did u use

Just a touch…about 0.3 mL per 30 mL of juice

Great effort with the recipe, I added 2% TFA Vanilla Custard to mine and it is now my new favourite liquid. Thanks :+1:t2: