[REQ] Pls help! Banana later clone

I absolutely love TVC banana later it has just the right amount of banana and menthol i believe that delivers a great throat hit and i want to re-create it.
I am new to making mixes and have a ton of flavors from TFA and my own VG,PG and 50/50/36MG nic base.
i have scoured the internet and it seems like nobody has tried to clone this and i am looking for a little help.
Though new to mixing i am not new to reading ML,percentages and am pretty crafty. i have successfully rebuilt protank coils and such so now i want to broaden my horizons with mixing. thank you for any help and remember an all day vape keeps the smokes away.

I can’t help with the recipe, but if you are starting from scratch, you need to identify which banana(s) are used - that means trying a lot of bananas, then possibly mixing a few of those to achieve the correct taste, then add menthol to taste? As I wrote in a previous clone thread, actually tasting a drop of the original juice on your finger can help identifying flavors :smile:
I hope you find some assistance! :smile:

it taste like banana cream and im not sure if anything else other than menthol but ripe banana is too pungent so looks like ima have to figure it out ill go little by little in a base and see if i can replicate it, thanks though, i cant believe nobody has tried this already as simple as it probably is.

one question that i would like answered is how does all this ejuice get its colors if most of the flavorings and the bases are clear??

Artificial coloring usually. If your Banana Later is a yellowish color, chances are they’re using LorAnn’s Banana Cream for example ;D

I avoid flavorings with coloring in it. But I’m not a fanatic about it. I do have 475ml colorless Banana Cream from LorAnn :smile:

There are quite a few Banana Menthol flavours http://e-liquid-recipes.com/list?q=banana+menthol

And it reminds me of banana runts. (well to me anyway)

wow i dont know how i didnt run across those recipes when i serched for banana earlier, thanks and if i can make this a good one i will share it.

Wanted to let you know that TFA also have a banana cream flavor. Let’s make this a bit harder on you. LOL

Something that may help you out on your quest. I found this very helpful:

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Thank you, courtesy of Vape Crisis who if you watch the 2nd video actually uses ELR :smile:

You just have to put the youtube-url on a line by itself :smile:

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Actually I did watch the second video and yes that was quite a plug for ELR I thought. It deserves a good plug for sure… You understand how to put a video up now? I didn’t have a lot of time when I put that up for you. I see daath fixed you up…