[REQ] Port Royal tobacco recipe anyone? Please...?

Well I’ve created a lovely tobacco recipe which everyone I’ve tried it on so far has said “Yum!” or words to that effect, and is my (now, only) recipe when I want a tobacco vape or if I’m with smokers.

http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1504165/Sweet+Cuban - please enjoy :slight_smile:

But I find myself still occasionally yearning for one of my old favourite tobaccos - Port Royal. I’d describe it as somewhere between Dr Pat and Bank, or perhaps Drum and a sweet pipe tobacco. I’ve searched until my Google bled, added a nice tawny port (10%) to the above recipe, as well as 4% reduction of aforementioned tawny in another mix (better) which were both yum but not ‘right’.

Does anyone even know what the blazes I’m talking about, and if so, do you have a recipe? Possibly willing to trade my first-born…


:grinning:… it’s nice to hit on a mix which is satisfying in the tobacco realm. It can be tough at times to find the proper concentrates which tick that box.

I took a look around on the innerwebs for this tobacco… not much there. :pensive: However, on the few I found, users say that Port Royal has the aroma of caramel and chocolate, with a hint of rum. Would this be your take on Port Royal tobacco, from what you remember?


Thanks Man, no there isn’t is there… I think I read that same (possibly only?) post on AussieVapers, and ‘yes certainly’ to the caramel but I’m not sure about the chocolate and rum. Certainly ‘port’ but can’t for the life of me categorise the flavours in ‘port’ other than ‘like sherry but richer’ which is no help at all…

You may have to get a few pouches of Port Royal before the price goes up another 12.5% on September 1 you could make a Port Royal NET.

Been forever since I had a pouch of Port Royal - but port/rum/caramel are the notes i remember there may well be a chocolate note in but since i was a smoker with smokers taste buds I cannot recall ever tasting it.

Yeah, thought about that too but CBF’d collating/evaluating/deciding (for me) all of the research I’ve already done (and become confused) for NET…

I’ve read VG acts like alcohol so thinking about just dumping a pouch in a cup of VG for a few days (/weeks?), coffee-filter and see what happens…

Much rather just mix from my flavour stash but I might have to actually put some effort in… sigh

Thanks for suggesting something I didn’t want to but probably had to do… ;p)

Is that from The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel? :slight_smile:

Oh… don’t know where I picked up “innerwebs”… long time ago, though! Maybe it was from Al Gore… moons and moons ago!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: