[REQ] Pumpkin' Walnuts Blueberry Cheesecake by Big Mouth

Hey there,

I know that are a lot of DIYers hate those sweet juices. Well, the one I’m after is hell of sweet, but just so good. I DIY myself for almost a year, and I have over 100 different flavors, but the taste I get from that juice is completely different from all my flavors.

What I get is:

  1. Sweetness. A lot of it. But it’s not like TPA sweetener (the only sweetener I have), so I guess there’s no maltol in it. Maybe 20% sucralose? It’s a very clean, upfront sweetness if that makes any sense.

  2. Cheesecake body. This is a very nice ck body, however, I’m not sure it is a cheesecake flavor. Might be something else to ensemble that. It’s more of an European style cheesecake in my opinion. Absolutely not like the ones I tried (CAP nyck, TPA, VTA, FW, LA etc.)

  3. Crust. This one is strange, but very good. It does not taste like the usual ck crust, absolutely not like graham cracker etc. It’s more like a fluffy biscuit, but not made with white flour…I can’t really describe it since I never had that flavor in any other juice.

  4. Topping. Well, to be honest, I don’t get much of a blueberry. Zero to be exact. There is a slight sour lemony note, but very subtle, and I think more part of the cheesecake body.

Maybe anyone here knows that juice and has some tips where to start? I mean, it’s not super expensive (about $18 for 50ml), but I would love to know how to make such juice. The point is, that it’s extremely well blend together. I do mix some bakery stuff myself, and it’s good, but this one is just perfectly mixed in my opinon. I had other juices from Big Mouth which were awful, but this one I like.


Hmm…looks like this juice isn’t that popular ^^

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I hope you get the goods on this one! Sounds really good. If none can help, it may be that you are the only one around who knows this juice. Might be a tougher route, but if you nail it on your own, it will feel really good.

I did search the Big Mouth website for this and could only find “Blueberry Cheesecake” and nothing on Walnuts and Pumpkin’ along with it. Discontinued?

It’s here:


There are five different liquids in this category, but so far I only had the Blueberry Cheesecake and the Strawberry Shortcake (which I didn’t like).

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I see my confusion! There are no Pumpkins or Walnuts in the profile… That’s odd for them to name a line of e-liquid after two flavors that have nothing to do with the flavors in the line!

Good luck on this. A Blueberry Cheesecake with a non-graham Cookie Crust, no Blueberry but Lemon instead… Hmm.

I’m just going to push this topic. Looks like the liquid is going out of production. Most shops are sold out or have removed it completely. Some shops still have it, but they are way too expensive.

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Have you searched for Lemon Cheesecake? Here’s one that might not have a heavy Graham. I’m not sure 'cause i don’t use these flavors. But if this Cheesecake flavor has Graham, swap it for a different and better Cheesecake.


there might just be a reason or 2 for that… :wink:

either a juice that sells well will stick around or it gets dropped…
without you having a try at tasting it, you wont know what it is all about.

no problem!

All @Flavorah!

.6% blueberry
1.2% cheesecake
.4% brie
.2% lemon
.6% lemonade
.4% cookie

2 drops of Greek yogurt for every 30ml… in fact… off to mix this up… it will be delish… for a change up I could just add .12% pistachio :wink:

PS… adjust the blueberry to fit your tastebuds, not mine… I like my bb cheesecake with lots of bb’s :stuck_out_tongue:


Try adding
sugar butter cookie (one on one)
Juicy lemon (cap)
Lemon Sicily (fa)
Lemon meringue pie (cap)
Just a idea

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