[REQ] Punch by Beard Vape

Hey guys,
The Beard Vape Punch used to be an ADV for me but with all the regulations here in Europe it’s just not affordable anymore. (8$ for 10ml!?) I can’t find a recipe for it and I’m not advanced enough at making liquids to know what flavours need to go in. I’m hoping someone here could help me recreate this liquid, or at least get me started!
On most websites it just says ‘punch’ so I don’t know what is exactly in it.
It’s hard for me to pinpoint a taste in this, but I do get some oranges and I think maybe lime as after taste.

When you say ‘can’t find’ does that mean you’ve already looked over on the recipe side of this site? You might be able to find a clone for that one.


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Hey man, yeah I’ve looked up ‘punch’ and there are 43 pages but none of them are for this particular liquid. I was hoping someone here might have vaped this juice before and has found something that tastes somewhat like it!
Thanks for the response!


You might be the first to try / comment on this other than the original mixer.


Thank you so so much man! Will definitely give this a go!

No worries, Rate it for the good of the community :grinning:


Will do, gotta order a lot of new flavours first! :grinning:


I know the feeling, Good luck!


See…told ya! :sunglasses:

Haha yes! Would have helped if the person who made this put ‘Beard Vape’ in the title!

That recipe is not an nowhere near , I have tried it an no! I am also in search of the punch


Good to know, haven’t tried it but now I know it’s not worth it! Luckily they started selling it again over here.

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