[REQ] Purple Haze, Running around my Brain

Dirt Cheap E Juice has a Juice called "Purple Haze"

it is described as:
"If the color PURPLE had a flavor, this would be it! Now don’t just think Grape, yes Grape is one of the fruits in the blend, but this is an unbelievable fruit blend that is sure to be loved by many. How does (PURPLE) HAZE taste? It tastes PURPLE!"
Actually It smells like perfume, and gives my wife a headache. But after a good steep It is a delicious Vape that seems to be Grape, Candy, Apple or pear and possibly watermelon and some other fruits. I wonder if anyone has Tried this and may have a similar recipe formulated?

Please help


There are a few recipes called ‘Purple Haze’ …

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This is how I make it

Robitussin Grape 30%
Mountain Dew Code Red 65%
Jolly Rancher 5% (can substitute Skittles)

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Doesn’t Robitussin Grape clog the coils?
maybe that is a clone by @Cloyce , I thought it had berries though, thought they might be using the berry flavor they sell.

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Hope @Alisa 's link gave you some good research results. I found a Purple Haze flavoring but it looks like it’s not exactly for e-cig DIY


Looks like they’re selling SnV flavorings …never heard of them (TastyPuff)

Speaking of candy watermelon, the pull and peal watermelon candy tastes exsctly like Capella double Watermelon.

bwahahaha :laughing:

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If anyone is ordering Purple Haze, it needs a 2 week steep and some air. So I’ll wait here for your clone ideas. In the meantime has anyone cloned Robitussin Grape?

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Well here is a free bottle for my friends, just go to www.dirtcheapejuice.com and use the code 1FREE at checkout for a free 10ml sample…

you just need to pay shipping.
?? @BoDarc @GPC2012 @Lostmarbles @Alisa game??

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Not trying to be rude but I don’t buy juice I make juice :smile:

I know that, can you come over to my house and sniff my Purple Haze and tell me what that floral note in it is so I can make it? The only hint I have is “Grape is but one of the fruits”. I thought if I dropped that free code you (or one of the many lurkers) would be able to put their finger on it.

Try a dab of Lavender and vanilla in it.

and have you looked at these two?

Yes they dont sound close

for a start I tried
Cosmic Purple Hazed

1.75% Fuji Apple (FA)
8% Grape Candy (TPA)
1.25% Mango (TPA)
2.66% Orange Mandarin (TPA)
2.66% Peach (Juicy) (TPA)

Flavor total: 16.34%

This is no where near and missing that floral note, It could be lavender, I don’t have that but it sounds floralish.

@CosmicTruth try some violet at low % (0.5?) (hey it’s sounds purple :wink: )

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Well I’ve heard of folks making juice and accidentally ended up with a floral/perfumy result, but I don’t know what they mixed to get to it. this may have an ingredient with alcohol because the sample I got lost the perfumy smell after I aired it during steeping, This last bottle I got is already steeped as its amber and missing the perfume aroma. I may have hinted to Dwight that I diy when I said “Wish I knew the secret components”, to which he replied “We can’t give away your recipe! LOL”. But you know, If i get close and end up with something good to vape I will be happy :wink:

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BTW they are in for the long haul and looking for vendors, If you know a dealer looking for a new line PM me and i can put them in contact.

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I poked around here because like you I remembered someone mentioning “perfumy” I also remember some recommends to add small amounts of coconut to add body with not-so-detectable flavor. Try 0.5% TPA Coconut

from here:



Just bookmarked for now but this could be something thanks BoDarc, you are quite the detective :slight_smile:

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