[REQ] Quadd "Tront" - Exotic Berry Candy

Hi, I really love this flavor and can’t seem to get it right:

So far I have



This flavor has so much going on, can’t seem to get it even close. Any recommendations?

When you vape your mix what profile are you missing? Zing of raspberry? Or just a berry? Or cream?

Try Gummy candy 5% and take AP out that’s for bread/dessert/nutty recipes, not a sweetner

Add your best sweetner at at least 1% as well.

Try this-

strawberry ripe - 4%
Harvest ripe -4%
Acai - 3%
Raspberry 3%
Sweetner- 1%
Marshmallow .5%


A thorough look at your recipe stash would help though, you might have some treasures that we could use to make a better candy base. (like sweet strawberry or etc)

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Clue might be in the liquid description, Exotic?
Without tasting this particular juice I would class pomegranate,papaya, passion fruit, pineapple etc… As exotic in nature. All these flavours will sit well with berries.
What taste do you get from the liquid?

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“Sweet and Tart Acai Berry Candy” is the vendor’s description, so Acai could be the main tropical flavor needed. I’ve never tried this juice, but from mixing experience, TFA BlackBerry and/or TFA BlueBerry Candy, both go well with Acai flavor. Does is seem like the juice has a red berry base or Darker berries? Or possibly a mix of both? Also, another possibility to consider is TFA Sweet and Tart.

Going by the flavour description I would star very simply by trying sweet & tart with acia berry.
Then see where that takes you?

99% guess it will be this simple