[REQ] Rainbow Unicorn

so there is a juice called ( rainbow unicorn ) does anyone happen to know the flavors that are in it since there is no recipe or clone for it?

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I looked it up and it said Rainbow Sherbet , so if it was me id start with LB rainbow sherbet as a single flavor and see whats missing … id also probably add some cap lemon lime and whatever cooling effect you like , if the original has a cooling effect

note : more than likely there is some kind of sweetener added…

Rainbow Unicorn Remix V1

LB rainbow sherbet @ 6pct
Cap lemon lime @ 4pt
koolada @ .5 to 1pct
sweetener @ .5 to 1 pct

you may need to add some kind of red fruit like raspberry or strawberry…btw ive never tried the original just takimg a guess based on description


when i read about the juice, it said that it has the famous unicorn part but with rainbow sherbet. i know LB and TFA are the only ones who sale the sherbet. i need to buy a bottle of it so i can get a better picture of what its like. thank you for your comment

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i wonder if they mean unicorn milk !?.. if that was the case i would make a stone with the internal cuttwood leak then my recipe would look like this

Rainbow Sherbet , LB @6 to 8pct
Internal Cuttwood leak ( base/stone ) @ 5 to 7 pct

sweetener @ 1pct


thats what i was wondering. im going to order a bottle and try it. we could be completely off or spot on. i will update you when i get it and try it

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let me know what happens…

i def will. i just ordered a 50ml bottle of it. got free shipping. i will have it on wednesday


I’d say this first, which company are you looking for, because rainbow unicorn could be a variety of mixes… rainbow candy that’s one of kind (being a unicorn) or unicorn farting rainbows, or unicorn poop, or X other types of factors.

10 companies could take the same name as such and have 10 variations of what it could be.

Get us a company name to be more specific to your request :slight_smile:

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i believe this describes the juice the OP is talking about …


its a mix of unicorn and rainbow sherbet?

Just wanted to clarify the company brand, because a random description like that opens a can of worms of what version of unicorn it is…

Milk? blood? fart? poop? piss?

(who the hell comes up with these names btw?)


RIGHT ??? i love flavors , but the unicorn poop etc does not appeal to me …

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thats true , i forgot how thw commercial side of this industry works … how about a little bit of originality ??? and what wrong with a pegasus ? why does everything have to be Unicorn? Seriously a flying horse or a horse with a twirly horn ??? id want my horse to fly… lmao ( talk about rambling )

I ordered it from a place called. Violet Vapor in Dallas Texas

Another place called. Wickedly Hot Vapors

If you like Mystery flavors, this is the mother of them all! It’s so good we can’t say whats in it!


Mystery flavors should be banned from marketing haha

So we have the sherbert down, its just a basic sherbet, the unicorn is to TBD,

the reviews of this say its a “Passion Fruit and maybe peach and pineapple.” I say, someone call that store and ask them “hey, my friends told me about this juice but before I try it, whats it like?”

The good thing is, that this juice was out in 2014, so it the flavors available at that time will be a lot more limited than what we have avaible.

Cross-reference unicorn flavors in the ELR database for flavors listed as far back as 10 April 2014.

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ironically, my wickedly hot vapors has a Pegasus flavor.

no association with the feathered friend you know and love though


So basically this juice I’m talking about is a copy from ELR? Or a change up of what’s on ELR? Most of your companies will use TFA, FW or Cap. Cheap flavors but overprice the bottle of juice. Now TFA makes a rainbow sherbet but FW and Cap doesn’t from what I’ve seen

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This is the first flavor that I recommend, not because it’s amazing to be quite honest, and I personally would also not vape it due to the sugar contained in this flavor, but it’s mostly the first flavor commercial places run for when trying to create this profile.

After you sft it, you will see what I mean,but has this distinctive taste you find in most commercials. I have not tried the one you’re talking about.

That would be my building block for the recipe.


Someone took 2 really famous flavors and just mixed them is all. I would add a new flavor to the mix under the guise of “Unicorn Piss”, a candy vape, which I suggest it is, with it being described as a fruity vape. The other vape ____, are usually some kind of cupcake or cream base.

The unicorn base here is probably a glorified rainbow candy/skittles recipe.
I’d take what @fidalgo_vapes had put but add

rainbow candy (choice of brand) @ 8%
Sweet Tangerine (CAP) @ 2%
Sweet Strawberry (CAP) @ 2%

and then add the Rainbow Sherbert (FW) at recommended %, to turn it into the combined flavor of “Rainbow Unicorn”

Due to the sheer quantity of unicorn _____ and then cross references of mixers getting the names mixed up, its hard to determine what the true profile of _____ is supposed to be.


The mixer of “Rainbow Unicorn” probably thought they were being really witty naming it this because i’m sure its a palindrome flavor.

Rainbow Unicorn Unicorn Rainbow

Rainbow Sherbert/ Rainbow Candy = Rainbow Candy/Rainbow Sherbert